ISIpedia is an online portal for national-level, cross-sectoral climate-impact assessments, based on state-of-the-art climate-impacts simulations from ISIMIP.

ISIpedia includes a new round of ISIMIP climate-impacts simulations. The focus topic of the simulation round is decided upon in consultation with relevant interest groups and stakeholders. Stakeholders do also contribute to designing the ISIpedia web portal, including the content of the impacts assessments.

Key features of ISIpedia are:

  • Access to the assessment and synthesis of national-level climate-impact projections, including for the emissions pathways currently being discussed within the UNFCCC climate change negotiations.
  • Transparent documentation of model limitations, and access to comparisons between historical simulations and observations for the purposes of model evaluation.
  • Regionally-resolved visualisations of climate-impacts projections for important sector-specific and cross-sectoral indicators.
  • A simple overview of the available ISIMIP simulations with easy access to the data.
  • A central access point for input and validation data for climate-impact scientists, including establishing a data base of local management practices and socio-economic quantities, which directly drive changes in climate-impacts indicators.