The Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report synthesizes the knowledge on observed impacts of climate change in Chapter 16. While the synthesis text is well accessible from the report itself, the broad literature collection rests on three large supplementary tables that are difficult to grasp in their original form. The tables cover:

This article makes these tables interactively accessible through Figure 16.2 of the IPCC report. You can filter for an impact category like Marine ecosystems and a world region through the dropdowns above the figure, and click on the figure icons to reach specific categories like phenology shifts in marine ecosystems. Click on the small rectangles next to each icon to scroll directly to a specific world region for a specific impact category. Please note the legend below the figure and mind the color coding!

The content of this article is taken directly from the IPCC report and is therefor also subject to copy-editing, corrigenda and trickle backs.

Figure 16.2: Impact of Climate Change or Weather Fluctuations.